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Silver Nano Shower

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Silver Nano Shower


Using tap water to people or other allergies, viruses, bacteria and viruses to infect and spread. Allergies., bacteria, and atopic dermatitis. itchiness. dandruff. athlete. skin eliminating stress Silver Nano Shower water is available are in the shower


Invention Patented Product (Number 0535368)

  • Skin beauty, scalp health, hair protection
  • Itchiness (Atopy)
  • Odor and various axillary odor sterilization and health
  • Bathing Pets
  • Women's diseases, Vagi nal discharge, leukorrhea
  • Athlete's foot and eczema

│ USE │

SKIN Shop. beauty. postpartum Workers. Kindergarten. prekindergarten. School. Restaurant.Foodservices. Meat Suppliers. Animal Farm. Livestock sleeves. Laundry. Etc.

Procedure for Using Colloidal Silver
Disease Prevention by Drinking

Cold, flu, tonsillitis Sore throat or hoarseness
Rinse your mouth every hour and drink the liquid; do not spit out. When you notice improvement, repeat three times a day after every meal.
Clogged nose, rhinitis, sinus infection
Inhale through the nose every hour.
Inflammation of the ear, enteritis, and various infections
Rinse your mouth every hour and drink the liquid; do not spit out. If possible, Keep the liquid under the tongue for best results.
Viral diseases and infections
Rinse your mouth and drink without spitting out 5~6 to mes daily.
Bad breathm heart burn, vomiturition
Rinse your mouth every hour and drink the liquid; do not spit out.
Odor, eczema, athlete's foot, itchiness
Apply on, or cleanse the parts that smell
Woomen's diseases, v aginal discharge, leukorrhea
Spray or apply, Use contact lenses and such after cleansing
Diseases of the eye, vermin Insect bites, abrasion, burns
Spray or apply. Use contact lenses and such after cleansing
Sterilization of the kitchen
Cutting board, cutlery, fruit, vegetable, plates, and long-term storage of foods
Sterilization of areas often touched by children
Playroom, toys, clothing etc.
Treament of skin diseases, eye diseases, and other diseases
Foliage plants and other plants
Acclerates sterilization of food and protects them from contamination by insects, ensuring the freshness of food

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Silver Nano Shower