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Potable Hydro water Bottle (Hot water)

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[Seokwang Co.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Potable Hydro water Bottle SHW-600B


Hydrogen generation water bottle to remove the bad free radicals in the body (Hot water)


  • Use Conditions: about 6 months
  • Using water: water purifier.
  • Hydrogen filter: Using Japan imported and domestic materials
  • Capacity: 500cc ~600 cc
  • Insert the water purifier can drink just go around carrying a water bottle and a small number of hydrogen can occur
  • Applications: When traveling outdoor hiking excursions go around carrying drinks on the go
  • Hydrogen concentration: 650 ~ 950 ppb


Gives diabetes / hypertension / Atopic / cancer / heart disease / chronic fatigue recovery helps the blood vessels in a variety of diseases improves mineral balance, vascular and blood circulation, such as a lot of help to improve internal activation and obesity.


  • Model:SHW-600B:STAINLESS Bottle.600ml Hot water.Cooler
  • Model:SHW-500B:plastic bottle 500ml Cold water,warm water